Can You Eat Veggie Straws on a Keto Diet

Can you eat veggie straws on a keto diet?Although not a terrible choice for a snack, veggie straws are not always as nutritious or healthy as their names might suggest.

Carbs can be found in veggie straws. You must therefore be mindful of your food consumption. You risk consuming too many carbohydrates and coming out of ketosis if you are careless or eating them in a free-for-all manner.

Veggie straws are a popular yet controversial packaged snack. They are promoted as a healthier alternative to potato chips, a delightful way to eat vegetables, and a healthful snack.

Although “veggie” is in the name, this snack may not meet the expectations of its name.

This article clarifies if veggie straws are healthy and whether you may consume them when adhering to a ketogenic diet.

What are veggie straws?

Veggie straws are a packaged snack that is salty, crunchy, and frequently compared to potato chips. While there are several available brand choices, Garden Veggie Straws, Sea Salt created by Sensible Portions in 2005 are considered to be the original.

They are a gluten-free certified, kosher product that makes claim that it contains no ingredients from genetically modified organisms and has neither artificial flavors nor preservatives.

How are they prepared?

These chips are created from the following ingredients, according to the ingredient list on the product package:

  • potato starch
  • potato flour
  • expeller pressed canola or safflower oil or sunflower oil
  • spinach powder
  • tomato paste
  • cane sugar
  • corn starch
  • Sodium chloride
  • Beetroot powder
  • turmeric
  • Sea salt

The order of the ingredients’ quantities is shown. There esult, the first ingredient listed is the one that is used the most.

sult, the first three elements —potato starch, potato flour, and a combination of vegetable oils—make up the majority of this snack.

To achieve an airy, crispy, and tasty result, the chips are deep-fried.

Take away

Veggie straws are a deep-fried snack comprised mostly of potato starch, flour, and a mix of vegetable oils.

What are their differences from other chips?

With a 30% fat reduction over potato chips, veggie straws are promoted as a healthier alternative to the latter.

But how does this snack stack up against other chips?

And how does it compare to the Smart Snacks guidance published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food and Nutrition Service (FNS)?

The table below offers explanation.

Can You Eat Veggie Straws on a Keto Diet
difference in total sugar and fats compared with other chips

Compared to ordinary potato chips, tortilla chips, and sweet potato chips, they differ in total fat and sugar content.

They really contain more sodium than any other smart snack and surpass the USDA’s FNS sodium limit.

Veggie straws had less than 1 gram of protein and 0 grams of fiber per serving, making it the least.

Dietary fiber, the indigestible component of plant foods, is crucial for lowering the risk of obesity in both children and adults as well as some chronic diseases.

Take away

Veggie straws have the highest levels of sodium and are comparable to potato, tortilla, and sweet potato chips in terms of total fats and sugars.

Do they promote your health?

Veggie straws aren’t a healthy snack. Eat them in moderation, like many other non-nutrient-dense foods.

Despite their name containing the term “veggie,” veggie straws are primarily made of processed potato and vegetable powders. Do not substitute them for your daily meal of whole veggies.

The high sodium content of veggie straws raises questions about how often one should consume them. Overconsumption of sodium is associated with hypertension, a major risk factor for heart disease.

Vegetable straws may actually be considered a deceitfully unhealthy food, one that is promoted as nutritious but actually has little nourishment and may be heavy in sugar, fat, or sodium.

Despite the product’s lack of actual health advantages, marketing decisions made on the front of the packaging, including the usage of the word “veggie,” may encourage consumers to have a positive opinion of it and be more ready to buy it.

Despite its popularity, this snack is not all that different from other chips, which are frequently criticized for having poor nutritional value. The overall quality of your nutrition and other lifestyle choices, however, significantly influence your chance of contracting noncommunicable diseases like heart disease.

As a result, it’s crucial to keep an eye on the quality of your nutritional intake and indulge in fun snacks like veggie straws occasionally.

Take away

Veggie straws are a processed food that is high in sodium and needs to be eaten in moderation. Overconsumption may increase your risk of developing heart disease due to their high sodium content.

Fun ways to obtain your daily intake of vegetables

Veggie straws and other packaged snacks aren’t the best way to acquire your recommended daily allowance of vegetables.

Here are some quick and easy homemade veggie snacks:

  • Raw veggies with a dip: You can also try carrots with hummus or celery with peanut butter.
  • Air-fried veggies:  Instead of using vegetable powders, use real vegetables to achieve the same crunchy texture. Try these pumpkin fries or these roasted cauliflower bites with lemon and herbs.
  • Baked chips:  If you don’t have an air fryer, baking your chips will produce similar result.
  • Smoothies: Making fruit and vegetable freezer pops is another fun method to increase your veggie intake.
  • Roasted chickpeas:  You may bake or air fry these crunchy snacks.

Take away

Packaged snacks shouldn’t be used in place of veggies. There are lots of tasty ways to obtain your daily intake of vegetables, including homemade veggies and dip, air-fried or baked vegetables, smoothies, and frozen pops.

Can You Eat Veggie Straws on a Keto Diet?

  1. If you’re just starting out on a ketogenic diet, you might be asking if garden veggie straws are keto. Even though they are touted as a healthy alternative, they have a lot of carbs and it’s not good for you if you are keeping track of your fat and net carbs.


  1. Garden Veggie Straws are a great alternative to typical potato chips because they have fewer calories and carbs. Having said that, they are also lower in fat than regular chips, which is crucial for the keto diet. We’ll examine each flavor’s fat and carb content below.


  1. Garden Veggie S Straws contain 16–17 carbohydrates per serving, which is  high for keto diets. They might fit into your keto diet plan, but there are better keto-friendly snacks available.

Variety of Garden Veggie Straws

Currently, there are 5 varieties available. They include :

  • Sea Salt Garden vegetable straws have 130 calories 7 Fat,   17 Carbs, >1 Protein
  • 130 calories, 7 fat calories, 17 carbs, > 1 protein in Screamin’ Hot Garden Veggie Straws.
  • Zesty Ranch Garden Veggie Straws: 130 calories, 7 fat calories, 16 carbs, >1 protein
  • 130 calories, 7 fat grams, 16 carbs, and 1 protein in Cheddar Cheese Garden Veggie Straws.
  • Apple Straws provide 140 calories, 7 fat grams, 17 carbs, and 1 protein.

What’s Cool About Veggie Straws?

Although Garden Veggie Straws aren’t a superb low carb option, we do appreciate that each variation is:

  • cholesterol-free
  • kosher
  • gluten-free
  • and devoid of any artificial flavors or preservatives.



Veggie straws are a prepackaged snack that is frequently promoted as a better choice than potato chips.

However, this snack has a similar nutritional profile to tortilla chips and traditional potato chips because it is mostly made of potato starch, potato flour, and a mix of vegetable oils.

Although it’s a tasty treat that may be enjoyed in moderation, full veggies should still be consumed on a regular basis.



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