How to Use Rice Water for Hair and Skin Beauty

How to use rice water for hair and skin

How to use rice water for washing your hair
1. wash your hair with shampoo.
2. rinse thoroughly with water from the tap.
3. pour rice water onto their hair.
4. use the rice water to massage into the hair and scalp.
5. leave it on for about 20 minutes.
6. use warm water from tap to rinse your  hair thoroughly.


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How To Dry Herbs For Tea

Have you been curious about the best way to dry herbs for tea? There are a few methods to drying, but because I know it’s time-consuming process, is there a quicker way? Yes! Herbal tea will be even healthier if it is made with dried leaves or flowers. In this article, I will be teaching you how to dry herbs for tea.

If you love tea, there is no better way to enjoy it than making the brew at home. Luckily, preparing tea isn’t as difficult of a task as you might think. This article is specifically about gathering and drying herbs to be used when making herbal tea. With the right tools, time, and patience you can grow some of your own herbal ingredients in your back yard or even on your windowsill indoors!

Once you’ve tried adding a few of these herbs to your regular tea, it’s hard to stop. These herbs all have health benefits. For example, Parsley herb is known for its boosting effects on the immune system and St John’s Wort which is well known for easing symptoms of winter depression.

How to Dry Herbs for Tea

Preserving herbs by drying is a centuries-old tradition. Drying herbs is an easy way to preserve the bounty of your herb garden, and it also provides a practical way to store fresh herbs for future use. When properly dried, herbs will retain their flavor and aroma for many months.

There are several methods for drying herbs, but the most important factor is ensuring that the herbs are completely dry before storing them. If even a small amount of moisture remains, the herbs can mold and spoil. Here are some tips on how to dry herbs for tea:

Air Drying

This is the simplest method and can be done by bunching the herb stems together and hanging them upside down in a cool, dark, well-ventilated place. Check the herbs every few days to make sure they are not developing mold or mildew and turn them occasionally so that they dry evenly. When the leaves are fully dry, remove them from the stems and crumble or chop them as desired;
store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.


This method uses low heat to remove moisture from the herbs while preserving their flavor and color. Place clean, dry herb leaves on dehydrator trays lined with parchment paper and set the dehydrator to between 95-115 degrees Fahrenheit; check every few hours until the leaves are crisp but not browned or brittle. Crumble or chop as desired and store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place

Which herb should you use?

In this article, we will teach you how to dry herbs for tea. If you’re looking to dry herbs for tea, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure the herbs are clean and dry before you begin. You can air-dry them or use a dehydrator.

How to make herbal tea

Drying herbs for tea is easy and only requires a few simple steps. First, gather your herbs and wash them thoroughly. Next, spread them out on a clean towel or drying rack and allow them to air dry completely. Once dry, place the herbs in an airtight container and store in a cool, dark place. When ready to use, simply steep the herbs in hot water and enjoy!


Are you still contemplating on preparing your own tea at home? I am confident that after reading this post, you will be able to prepare your own tea to your taste. Enjoy!

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