How To Get Abs In A Week.

Most men would like to build their abs and look fit. Even women have started showing interest in getting abs too. To build abs is not really something difficult, but it requires determination, time, patience and efforts on your part. I will be sharing tips on how to build abs in a week. These tips are evidence – based. However, in other to fully develop your abs, you will need to be patient for three to four weeks.

Some years back, I decided to develop my abs. But before I started, I felt it would take me time becuase I do not have flat belly. For this reason, I procrastinated a bit.

After two months, I decided to give it a try. The first three days was tough. I have not been to the gym for a long time. This didn’t stop me though. I kept pushing.

To my amazement, I saw my abs developing within the 5th day. I was happy about it. It motivated me to work harder. By the time I spent two weeks at the gym, I have gotten 6 packs abs. My muscles were developed too.

Three of my friends who saw the rapid development begged me to take them. I accepted and within three weeks, they experienced massive result.

I will be dishing out the very same technique I and my friends used to get abs here. Read on to discover this technique.

How to get abs in a week
How to get abs in a week

How to get abs in a week.

If you want to get six packs abs, read the following tips on how to get abs in a week. Bear in mind that it is not easy, and at the same time, know that it’s something you will enjoy as the workout progresses.

  1. Drink enough water.

How to get abs in a week
A woman drinking water

Water is very important to the body. It is required by the body to function properly. Drinking a lot of water keeps you healthy, makes you feel more energetic, make you lose fat which is necessary for abs development. Drink 4 to 8 litters of water daily.

You also need to avoid carbonated drinks totally as this contains lots of sugar. Sugar leads to weight gain and fat building.

  1. Eat vegetables.

How to get abs in a week
A woman eating vegetable

Workout is not the only thing you need to do to gain abs. you need to eat compliment it with the right diet. Eat vegetables often. Vegetables are low in fat and calories. Vegetables also contain vitamins, fiber and some important mineral elements required for your body to function well.

Eating green vegetables helps you to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

  1. Eat High Protein Low Carbs diets.

How to get abs in a week

Eating low carbs and high protein food will make you lose fats, thereby making it easier for you to gain abs. High protein foods that you can eat include eggs, almonds, chicken breast, yoghurt, fish etc.

  1. Lift weight daily.

How to get abs in a week
Weight lifting

Weight lifting was very instrumental to my abs building. There is no single day I don’t workout. Sometimes, I work out in the morning and in the evening. Weight lifting helps you to burn calories, gain balance, develop strength and develop your muscles and abs.

  1. Abs Workout.

How to get abs in a week
abs training

Once you are done with weight lifting, the next thing that you should follow is abs workout. There are different abs workout techniques you can use to develop your abs within a short time. You must be consistent to make this work. This is the most challenging and painful part of abs building. Once you are able to bear the pain and continue the workout after 3 days, you are more likely to overcome the challenge. Do it for more 2 to three days, and you will start seeing results. An extra one to two weeks will make it fully developed you are consistent with it.


Abs building is not something you can just wake up and start doing. You need to think it thoroughly and map out how you will go about it. Nevertheless, this is something most people crave for. If you wish to get abs, it’s something you can do at home. This post is here to guide you on how to get abs in a week, but if you feel you need assistance you can always walk to a gym center or hire a professional for that.

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