Herbs and Vibes

If you are looking to get good vibes around your vicinity, this post on herbs and vibes will help you a great deal.

Everyone wants happiness and can do everything positive to ensure he or she is happy.

If you are told the herbs that you can use to drive away negative energies and get good vibes, would you go for it immediately? Anyway, this post is for those that understand how nature works

Herbs and Vibes

The following herbs are worthy of consideration if you want to ward off negative energies and cure yourself from different ailments.

  1. Blue Lotus

Herbs and Vibes
blue lotus flower

The Egyptians made use of the Blue Lotus Flower for a variety of purposes, including the induction of euphoric states, sensations of euphoria and wellbeing, as well as for medicine and visions.

Some evidence also implies that N. caerulea has been used to alleviate pain, strengthen memory, promote sexual desire, and improve circulation. Additionally, it was used in Egypt to enhance sexual desire, and it was seen as a crucial key to good health at the time.

The flowers of the Blue Lotus can also be brewed into a tea or steeped in wine. Additionally, it was standard practice to smoke the dried petals. In traditional medicine, the flowers were used to treat conditions such as liver disease, constipation, and toxicity, as well as to control the urinary system.

In addition to nuciferine, nupharine, and nupharidine, the chemical element apomorphine, which is acts as dopamine antagonist, is found in N. caerulea. The flowers also have other types of alkaloids, such as kaempherol, which acts as MAOI and may be found in the blooms.

  1. Chuchuhuasi

Herbs and Vibes

The effect of Chuchuhuasi extends to all of the organs and systems that are connected to the second chakra. These include the sexual and reproductive organs, the adrenals, the kidneys, the bladder, digestion, the immune system, bones, and teeth.

Numerous scientific investigations have demonstrated that the bark possesses analgesic, anti-inflammatory, gastro-protective, and immune-stimulating properties

  1. Palo Santo

Herbs and Vibes
Palo Santo

The wood of the Palo Santo tree is highly regarded for its intoxicating fragrance. Used for the purpose of cleansing unclean energy, calamity, and misfortune on a spiritual level. The energy of this tree is quite strong, and it helps bring forth feelings of calm, well-being, and relaxation. When it is burned, it fills the room with a smell that is both fragrant and pleasurable. Burning Palo Santo wood is associated with a variety of positive health effects, according to the indigenous communities that practice this tradition.

The use of an oil diffuser or oil burner, with just a few drops of palo santo oil added, will aid to purify your room.

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