Chinese Herbs for Weight Loss

If you are fat, or you noticed you are adding more weight, and not sure of what you can do to lose weight, this post may be of great help to you. There are Chinese herbs for weight loss that you need to start taking. They are proven to be effective for weight loss.

In order to lose weight, there are health habits and foods you need to jettison.

Certain type of foods such as cakes, fried meats, and other junk foods are difficult to digest, and as a result could lead to weight gain or obesity. It is, therefore, important that you eat healthy food.

You also need to cut down on or completely stop some bad habits such as smoking, excessive drinking etc. that are detrimental to your health.

The fact that these herbs are called Chinese herbs does not imply it is meant for the Chinese only. These Chinese herbs are found everywhere including, Pakistan, UK, US, India, Nigeria, Ghana, Japan etc. They are herbs you are familiar with, just that they are called by different names in your dialect. I have taken time to add the images of these herbs for recognition’s sake.

Why Use Herbs to Lose Weight?

You could lose extra weight by turning to well-planned diets, and almost all fitness experts advise exercising to stay in shape and lose weight. Nevertheless, using natural herbs for weight loss is also important because they are a rich source of nutrients and other elements that might promote weight loss.

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How Do Certain Herbs Help with Weight Loss?

According to studies, there are three main methods that natural weight loss herbs might assist you in losing extra body fat.

  • Some herbs can speed up your body’s metabolism. These plants are bursting with chemicals that can assist your body control a number of physiological processes. You then burn more calories as a result of these.
  • Some herbs can help reduce hunger pangs when consumed. Herbs high in fiber make you feel fuller for long, which reduces appetite and minimizes the desire to binge.
  • A few herbs for losing weight have potent diuretic effects on the body. Your kidneys’ improved performance in filtering pollutants and waste is a result of these herbs. When these toxins are kept in the body, they eventually turn into fat.

Chinese Herbs for Weight Loss

Here are some Chinese herbs for weight loss that you need to know:


Chinese Herbs for Weight Loss
Ginseng roots

Ginseng is one of the Chinese herbs for weight loss. This is one herb that really help in weight loss. Chinese and Siberian ginseng are the two varieties of ginseng that are marketed. Both varieties contain caffeine, which promotes metabolism and functions as a thermogenic agent.

It can be consumed as supplements or added to tea. You can get slim in no time if you drink ginseng tea every morning and exercise frequently.

You can get slim in no time if you drink ginseng tea every morning and exercise frequently.

How Do I Include Ginseng In My Diet? 

Making Ginseng tea is the ideal way to incorporate the herb into your diet to help you lose weight. Making this tea is quick and easy, and it tastes delicious too! So that you can enjoy shedding pounds.

  • To get started, you need to get 3 tbsp of ginseng dried roots.
  • Bring water to a boil in a saucepan. Once the water is sufficiently hot, add Ginseng roots and simmer for 30 minutes.
  • After straining the tea from the pan, you can sweeten it with honey to lessen the bitterness. You can now enjoy your ginseng tea!
  • Early morning use of this tea not only aids in weight loss but also provides the best start to the day.

Herb of Pu-erh

Chinese Herbs for Weight Loss
Herb of Pu-erh

The Pu-erh plant, which has a 2100-year history, was a staple of the daily diet of the Chinese people for centuries. It was initially grown in the Pu-erh village. Hence, the name! It is another another magical plant that aids in rapid and efficient weight loss.

This is one of the most effective Chinese herbs for losing weight. It simply works by activating the spleen, which then becomes healthy and able to absorb and digest the nutrients in the diet while also excreting the excess fatty fluids. Additionally, it speeds up metabolism so that your body can burn excess fat and only keep the healthy fat that it actually needs.

Basically, there are two varieties of pu-erh herb: one is unripe, and the other is ripe. Both are effective for weight loss. They each play varying roles in your ability to reduce weight. Therefore, it is wiser to include both of them in your diet plan!

How Do Use Pu-erh herb?

It is a pretty easy process that takes almost no time to complete.

  • To begin, you’ll need 1 tbsp of fresh Pu-erh leaves.


  • Heat the water until it boils. Add these leaves, then continue to boil the mixture for a while. You can drain and drink the water once you feel that the water has completely absorbed the flavor of the leaves.


  • You can drink this tea instead of your usual tea or coffee every day. You can do this twice per day for around two to three weeks for optimal result.

Gurmar Leaves

Chinese Herbs for Weight Loss
Gymnema Sylvestre Leaves

Another popular Chinese herb for weight loss is Gymnema Sylvestre leaves. Due to its inherent benefits, many people still utilize this herb as an Ayurvedic medication. Numerous diseases like diabetes, kidney stones, and obesity can also be treated with it. It is the best digestive stimulant. It is renowned for having anti-sweet properties, which essentially mean that it renders your taste buds unresponsive to the flavor of sweetness. This herb is therefore made for you if you love sweets a lot but wish to resist the need to just grab them and savor them at that moment but afterwards regret as it increases your weight.

After you’ve consumed all the sweet calories, there’s no point in feeling guilty! For around three hours after chewing on fresh Gymnema Sylvestre leaves, you will be unable to taste or feel sweetness. A voiding sweets implies minimizing fat. Your desires for sugar will vanish right away after taking this herb!

How to use Gymnema Sylvestre Leaves?

The Gymnema Sylvestre leaves can also be consumed in simple ways as thus:

  • Powdered Gymnema Sylvestre leaves can be found in the marketplace. You can consume those as an addition to your normal cup of tea. If you don’t want to enjoy a bitter tea, add it sparingly.


  • You may add it as a flavoring powder to your everyday salads and prepare a quick juice by mixing the powder with some water and honey to mask the bitterness. However, a degree of bitterness would persist.

The Guggul Herb

Chinese Herbs for Weight Loss
Guggul Herb

This is yet another ayurvedic herb that was employed by both ancient Indians and Chinese healers. Guggulsterone, a steroid thought to be anti-angiogenic and containing a cholesterol-lowering component, is present in the Guggul plant. M any people are obese owing to the accumulation of cholesterol in their bodies, this product is ideal for them! It lowers your body’s cholesterol levels and burns off extra unhealthy cholesterol, helping you lose weight.

The herbalists advise using this herb as one of the top Chinese herbs for weight loss. The thyroid gland’s actions, which regulate our bodies’ rates of metabolism, are also stimulated by guggul herb. When your body’s metabolism stays steady, losing weight is considerably easier and quicker! This is furthered by Guggul’s capacity to facilitate improved excretion. As a result, this herb is effective at regulating the excretory and digestive processes.

As a result, this herb is effective at regulating the excretory and digestive processes.

Methods of Consuming Guggul Herb

This herb’s extracts can be purchased in the form of tablets at Ayurvedic herb shops.

  • Before using these supplements, it is advised that you speak with a herbalist. You can take these pills after breakfast and dinner along with a warm glass of water. Warm water helps the tablet to dissolve better so that it can function well and provide effects.


  • Before using these supplements, it is advised that you speak with a herbalist. You can take these pills after breakfast and dinner along with a warm glass of water. Warm water helps the tablet to dissolve better so that it can function well and provide effects.


If you love taking fruit smoothies, read on this post I made on Fruit Smoothies For Those That Want To Lose Weight. As you Enjoy your fruit smoothies, you it is also helping you to lose weight. So it’s a win-win situation.

These Chinese medicines for weight loss were nothing short of extraordinary. Regular use of these herbs will not only aid in weight loss but will also be beneficial for your health. If pricey treatments aren’t helping you, what’s the sense of trying them? It’s time to “Go Herbal”! In comparison to the pricey weight loss therapies you use, these magical medical herbs is certainly better.

The nicest thing about taking Chinese herbs for weight loss is that they don’t cost a lot of money and have no negative side effects. Include these herbs in your routine, and you’ll be astounded by the outcome.

Give these herbs some time to work their magic as well! If you test these herbs out patiently, you will soon enjoy a healthy weight!

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