Avocado Roll Recipe

This Guacamole Avocado Roll is a great alternative to the conventional and delicious Mexican guacamole, and it makes a wonderful appetizer for parties. I hope you enjoy this recipe! How to prepare avocado roll Here’s how you can prepare avocado roll: INGREDIENTS  Two packages of cream cheese, each containing eight ounces; one cup of nuts, … Read more

Nine Powerful Cleansing Herbs And Spices

Nine Powerful Cleansing Herbs And Spices

Cleansing herbs and spices are a great way to detoxify your body and get rid of toxins. This means they help you to remove toxic substances or toxins from your body. Toxins are substances created by plants and animals as well as microorganisms that are poisonous (toxic) to humans. Most toxins in humans are created … Read more

Cleansing Herbs: 5 Effective Healing Herbs And Detox Herbs

Cleansing Herbs

Cleansing herbs can be regarded as roots, leaves, barks, seeds and berries of different plants which is capable of purifying our body in various ways. Cleansing herbs can cleanse us from toxins from the food we eat and environmental pollutants which we inhale. They are also used to treat different infections which can bring us … Read more

Herbs that improve blood flow to the brain

The brain needs proper blood circulation to function well. There are certain herbs that improve blood flow to the brain without side effects. The good news is that these herbs are inexpensive and can be found anywhere. You can also prepare herbal recipe yourself by simply researching formula on the internet. The brain is made … Read more

Best Cancer Fighting herbs.

Cancer fighting herbs are herbs you can use to prevent the development of cancer or destroy cancerous cells in the body. Herbs are one of the most powerful and effective ways to fight cancer. They can help you improve your overall health, so that you can use herbs as a natural cancer fighting tool. There … Read more


Blood shortage is a condition in which the blood supply in the body is less than the normal amount. The human body is made up of about 5 liters of blood. It is the life-saving fluid that flows through our veins and arteries, carrying oxygen to all parts of our bodies.When we have a shortage … Read more

How to gain weight safely

How To Gain Weight

Wondering how to gain weight without incurring any health issues? This post highlights important food you can eat to gain weight without any health conditions. Risks of being underweight The most frequent health risks linked to underweight include: A compromised immune system difficulty fighting illness lack of vitamins Development problems (mostly in children and teens) … Read more

9 Powerful Herbs for Protection and How to Use Them

herbs for protection

From my research and experience so far, I have learnt about so many healing herbs which I have shared quite a few so far. Not quite long, I diversified to other aspects of herbs and their various functions. I shall be sharing them henceforth. Today, I will share different herbs for protection and how to … Read more

8 Powerful Herbs for Love

herbs for love

Everyone wants to be loved. Even those that are not interested in marriage wants to be loved by the public. So, love is very important to all. This is where herbs for love come into play. There are numerous herbs for love, bringing back your partner that has left you, making new friends and attracting … Read more