9 Amazing Benefits Of Rice Water For Skin And Hair

In this post, we shall discuss the benefits of rice water for skin and hair . Isn’t it quite interesting to learn that rice water is good for skin and hair? Well, you will learn a lot from this post. Consider your options carefully before discarding rice water the next time you boil rice.

Rice water is excellent for skin and hair since it is full of vitamins and minerals that promote beauty. Asian women have been nourishing their face and skin with rice water for ages. They also use rice water for beautifying their hair and encouraging hair development. Continue reading to discover the benefits of rice water for skin and hair.

Women at the Japanese imperial court utilized fermented rice water to keep their hair long, healthy, and beautiful as early as the Heian period, in the ninth century. It was noted that their beautiful long hair touched the floor as they stand or walk. It was reported that these court ladies used Yu-Su-Ru, or rice-washing rinse water, to comb their hair everyday.

According to a piece in China Daily, washing their hair with rice water is the key to keeping it clean and dark. It is serves as a natural shampoo and the conditioner.

What kind of rice Can be used for healthy skin and hair growth?

Most people claim that it doesn’t matter what kind of rice you use. You can use just about any kind of rice for this purpose.

Benefits Of Rice Water For Skin And Hair

You must have been throwing your rice water away all along, meanwhile you have been searching for the right product to use to keep your skin glowing and also make your hair long and beautiful. The amazing thing about rice water is that you don’t need to spend extra money to get it. Here are the benefits of rice water for skin and hair that you need to know.

Rice Water Can Be Used For Skin Lightening.

Benefits Of Rice Water For Skin And Hair
rice water for skin lightening

Rice water can help if you have spots or dark patches of skin caused by pregnancy, hormone changes, or sun damage. The black spots disappear and your skin’s texture evens out as you cleanse your skin with the liquid. Use rice water to lighten your face.

Your skin will only glow if it is healthy. Rice water helps to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Because rice water contains vital enzymes that remove dead skin cells, using it can help you achieve a naturally brighter complexion.

Rice Water Can Be Used To Treat Dry Skin

You may feel uncomfortable if you have dry skin because it produces flaky skin. If your skin has suffered damage from sodium laurel sulfate, a component of many skin and hair care products, rice water can help treat the skin. The nutrients and vitamins in the water help to treat dry and damaged skin.

Rice water encourages cell growth and removes dead skin cells. Your skin will become smooth and free of dryness as a result of this process. Additionally, it aids in pH level balance, restoring the health of your skin.

Rice Water Is Employed In Treating Eczema, Acne, Rashes, And Inflammation

Rice water can aid with skin disorders since it keeps the pH levels of your skin at a healthy level. According to research, your skin’s top layer shields you from microorganisms, and helps to maintain your lipid cells in the skin. You can get dermatitis, rosacea, and other rashes and skin problems if those cells are damaged.

In addition, rice water can reduce eczema’s discomfort while clearing up outbreaks. It can also treat acne and pimples. You can use rice water to quickly treat eczema and prevent it from returning by applying it to the affected regions twice daily.

Because the starches in this natural remedy assist in the repair of skin damage, using it leads to better skin with reduced irritation and inflammation. This important healthy starch strengthens your skin barrier and helps you avoid further skin problems.


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Rice Water Can Prevent Skin Damage From the Sun

According to studies, rice water can shield the skin from ultraviolet rays. You can avoid the harsh chemicals in other products by using the rice water as sunscreen when combined with plant extracts.

If you have sunburn, use rice water to cool your skin off. Additionally, it encourages skin repair after UV exposure, reducing the likelihood of wrinkles and dark spots. This water helps to relief comfort for red, swollen, or itchy skin caused by sun damage.

The Anti-Aging Benefits Of Rice Water

Everyone has to struggle with the aging process but putting rice water on your skin can delay it. You can look younger and get rid of fine lines and wrinkles by using this water daily.

A 2013 study showed that rice wine (fermented rice water) can help improve skin damage from the sun. Rice wine increases the collagen in the skin, which keeps your skin supple and helps prevent wrinkling. Additionally, it appears that rice wine has natural sunscreen qualities.

Your skin contains elastin, which gives your skin its softness, suppleness and young appearance. Elastin loses effectiveness as you age, resulting in wrinkles and drooping skin. Rice water contains antioxidants that combat the radicals that damages elastin.

Rice water also increases the collagen in your skin, thereby reducing and preventing wrinkles. It also contains other vitamins and nutrients that slow down aging, such as:

  • A vitamin
  • C vitamin
  • allantoin
  • E vitamin
  • Ferrous acid
  • Flavonoids
  • Phenolic substances

Rice Water Helps To Reduce Oily Skin

It is important to take care of oily skin because it can lead to just as many problems as dry skin. Your pores can become clogged by too much oil, leading to painful pimples and acne breakouts.

The healthy carbohydrates in rice water will help constrict your pores and get rid of extra oil if you apply it to your skin. Additionally, it lessens the shine that excess oil generates on your face.


Since you have learnt the benefits of rice water for skin and hair, would you look further for other products that may even destroy your skin and hair? It all up to you. Though there are good skin and nice skin and hair products out there. It’s nice if you have any that works well for you. If you haven’t discovered a perfect skincare or hair products or you do not have enough money, rice water is there for you to use.

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