8 Common Skin Care Mistakes You Are Making Without Realizing It

Taking care of our skin is one thing we are obsessed with, yet we make common mistakes that can harm our skins. In this post, we shall discuss common skin care mistakes we often make and how to avoid them.

Common Skin Care Mistakes

Here are the skin care mistakes we often make without knowing.

  1. Not Taking Into Account Your Skin Type

The first thing to keep in mind is that not everyone will benefit from a particular product. This is everyone has a unique combination of dry, oily, acne-prone, or other skin types.

It’s possible that a specific skincare item won’t work for you because it’s not designed to meet the specific demands of your skin. For instance, if you have oily skin, a product meant for dry skin may not be the ideal choice for you. Therefore, make sure to first identify your skin type before purchasing any skincare products.

If you have acne or dry skin, it is important you choose the right skin product that will suit your skin.

  1. Failure To Read the Label

It is important you read the ingredients on the label before purchasing or using that skin product. Don’t leave it to chance; instead, research what ingredients in products are best for your skin. Remember that every person has a unique skin type.

It might be challenging to determine which ingredient is suitable for your skin and which to avoid because there are so many of them and they all have strange names.

It is therefore advisable you consult skin care experts for the right ingredient to use for your skin and the ones to avoid.

  1. Excessively Using Face Wipes

It’s never a good idea to pull your skin but using face wipes to remove makeup will only make matters worse.

You may be wondering why people continue to use face wipes.

People tend to hurry while applying face products. People find face wipes to be a quick substitute for washing their faces when they are pressed for time or too worn out to stand in front of a mirror for a few minutes. Are you in this category of people? If so, then you need to reconsider your actions.

If you are concerned about your skin, avoid using face wipes. Using face wipes for your face all the time can harm your skin. Only use it during emergencies.

  1. Neglecting to Treat Spots Correctly

When you’re out in public (for work, school, outings, etc.) and people can see you have breakouts. Having blemishes can occasionally be embarrassing.

Additionally, blemishes can be more complicated to treat than you might think.

It may also be challenging to identify the type of blemish. The worst part of this is that picking at it or using the incorrect products or timing to apply them will simply make things worse.

  1. Constantly Using A Facial Scrub

Our skin regenerates spontaneously. To speed up the procedure, we can use facial cleansers. Yes, a face scrub can speed up the shedding of the skin and clean it. But if you use it every day, you run the danger of removing your skin’s barrier.

Scrubs and hard brushes are typically not the best options for washing the face. Try a natural peel instead, either at home or in a salon.

Dead skin cells can be removed gently and painlessly using a variety of household items. For instance, making a coffee scrub at home is simple.

Keep your face scrubs to no more than once or twice a week to protect your skin.

  1. Using the same Pillowcase repeatedly without washing it

No matter how thoroughly you wash and clean yourself before bed, your pillowcase still gathers dust, skin flakes (including those from anyone else who shares your bed), and all the mites and bacteria that live off what you leave behind.

After a few days, your pillow becomes filthy enough to harm your face’s complexion, particularly to bring on pimples.

We advise switching your pillowcase once every two days to avoid making this error. Consider using a silk pillowcase because it absorbs fewer sweats and offers fewer chances to amass contaminants that could harm your face.

  1. Frequently Changing Products

While it’s sometimes a good idea to change things up, it’s ideal to stick to a skin care a particular skin care product. You will not see benefits if you don’t give the products enough time to transform your skin, as all products take time to work. Before making a switch or adding something new to the skin product, use the products for at least six weeks.

  1. You’re touching your face far too frequently

It’s possible that you touch your face up to 16 times an hour without even realizing it. This can irritate your skin, inflame it, and transmit infection. Additionally, it can dramatically raise the risk of contracting the new coronavirus and the flu.

In addition to touching, picking at your skin can result in acne and even scars.

You can stop the habit of picking at your skin all the time if you wish to. Start by reminding yourself not to touch your face and posting reminders all over your house and workplace. Use scented soap or lotion, and let the aroma serve as a gentle reminder not to touch your face. To make it more challenging, try donning gloves or a face mask. You can also form the habit of interlocking your fingers when you are idle.


If you make some of these common skin care mistakes above, you are not alone. Many people do same. In fact, am guilty of some of this too. Minimizing these mistakes help reduce the level of damage we cause to our skin. You are therefore adviced to minimize the way you make these mistakes by taking the precaution mentioned above.

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